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Secrets In The Mirror - AndragoniaCowboys From Hell - Pantera
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Kirisute Gomen - Trivium1944556
Erotic Nightmares - Steve Vai7121118
Carry On - Angra2533726
Arising Thunder - Angra15627467
Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters2951775
B.Y.O.B. - System Of A Down11039486
Fury Of The Storm - DragonForce4556045
Dystopia - Megadeth3637796
Shade Of A Ghost - Wizards3528189
Aces High - Iron Maiden7830042
Baroque And Roll - Yngwie Malmsteen1648796
...And Justice For All - Metallica2070663
Cowboys From Hell - Pantera11634899
Hot For Teacher - Van Halen13232988
Siege Engine - Buckethead3657875
Mother - Danzig1517840
Guitars Suck - Bumblefoot14227326
Three Hammers - DragonForce6843427
Molinos De Viento - Mägo de Oz3636363
Paranoia - A Day To Remember1339503
The Game - DragonForce3151006
Welcome To Violence - John 53833880
Keep It Hellish - Hellish War1339177
Liar Liar - Kamelot927172
Jam On It - Mike Orlando6251142
Moth Into Flame - Metallica1639106
Dance Of Death - Iron Maiden2951387
Safari Song - Greta Van Fleet627886
Master Of Puppets - Metallica4259100
Cry Thunder - DragonForce6838199
Twilight Of The Thunder God - Amon Amarth3028383
Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine3238103
Unholy Confessions - Avenged Sevenfold7330835
The Temple Of Hate - Angra2032274
Trilogy Suite Op. 5 - Yngwie Malmsteen50861
Fiesta Pagana - Mägo de Oz4955096
20th Century Boy - Buckethead10769578
Aerials - System Of A Down3229694
Scream Aim Fire - Bullet For My Valentine1933722
Toxicity - System Of A Down4432638
Dark Matter - Rusty Cooley6570501
Halls Of Valhalla - Judas Priest3344305
Speed Of Light - Iron Maiden935759
Far Beyond The Sun - Yngwie Malmsteen1448194
Angel Of Salvation - Galneryus6238175
Trashed And Scattered - Avenged Sevenfold2341038
Noche Acosador - John 518420373
Secrets In The Mirror - Andragonia4339776
Doomsday - Architects730550
My Own Grave - As I Lay Dying627753
Through The Fire And Flames - DragonForce33459
Not Going Back - Blindher9632723
Spiritual Battle - Allos5826249
Time To Die - Half Bridge2729125
We Are The Same - Ecliptyka8339499
Payback - Monticelli11630550


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