Secrets In The Mirror - AndragoniaArising Thunder - Angra
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Beast And The Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold8116
Eu Quero Ver O Oco - Raimundos19023
TNT - AC/DC7762
Hearts On Fire - HammerFall7613
You Give Love A Bad Name - Bon Jovi11477
Stop Saying We Sound Like Dragonforce - Fraser Edwards21768
American Idiot - Green Day21963
Wrathchild - Iron Maiden10575
Otherside - Red Hot Chili Peppers14298
In The End - Linkin Park6480
Livin’ On A Prayer - Bon Jovi12572
Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor12685
Highway Tune - Greta Van Fleet8762
Paranoid - Black Sabbath15831
Iron Man - Black Sabbath10397
Caprici Di Diablo - Yngwie Malmsteen20023
Jordan - Buckethead9589
Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas19731
Through The Fire And Flames - DragonForce15987
Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses15402


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