Protect The Land - System Of A DownShot In The Dark - AC/DC
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Soothsayer - Buckethead43094
Dark Matter - Rusty Cooley16965475
Eruption - Van Halen14512019
Eu Quero Ver O Oco - Raimundos5422913
T.F.F.B. - Galneryus39608
Revolution Deathsquad - DragonForce39665
Dawn Of Victory - Rhapsody Of Fire7135152
Far Beyond The Sun - Yngwie Malmsteen35749
Guile’s Theme - Mophobics4025259
Caprici Di Diablo - Yngwie Malmsteen34694
Guitars Suck - Bumblefoot25448
20th Century Boy - Buckethead53287
Fade To Black - Metallica34206
Highway to Oblivion - DragonForce42949
Raining Blood - Slayer9122858
Angel Of Death - Slayer9029773
Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash2220218
Waking The Demon - Bullet For My Valentine25451
Through The Fire And Flames - DragonForce32817


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