Killing In The Name - Rage Against The MachineCowboys From Hell - Pantera
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Highway To Hell - AC/DC13047
In The End - Black Veil Brides23355
Duality - Slipknot10347
My Sacrifice - Creed27118
Runaway - Bon Jovi16511277
Queen Of All Lies - Addicted To Pain10712636
Far Beyond The Sun - Yngwie Malmsteen18832
Paranoid - Black Sabbath23150
Dream On - Aerosmith17689
B.Y.O.B. - System Of A Down16123
Monster - Skillet11568
Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park23768
Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold22075
R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys9322
Paradise City - Guns N' Roses24535
Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd23978
Destiny - Galneryus12029
Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers20022
Dark Matter - Rusty Cooley28377
Smoking Snakes - Sabaton19110314
Speed Metal Messiah - Joe Stump14579
In The End - Linkin Park6505
Eu Quero Ver O Oco - Raimundos8391
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen18461
Don't Cry - Guns N' Roses15948
Times Like These - Foo Fighters21671
Straight to Hell - Ozzy Osbourne13448
Come As You Are - Nirvana17598
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana21737
The Final Episode - Asking Alexandria12179
Highway to Oblivion - DragonForce22803
I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace13601
Under The Influence - Rusty Cooley19404
Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold13785
Shot In The Dark - AC/DC14818328
TNT - AC/DC8812
Run - Foo Fighters6932431
Chop Suey! - System Of A Down12475
So Far Away - Avenged Sevenfold8120
The Air That I Breathe - All That Remains10069
Cry Thunder - DragonForce24339
The Motherload - Mastodon16122092
The Pretender - Foo Fighters18626
Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas21315
Thunderstruck - AC/DC15870
Bleed It Out - Linkin Park22864
True Friends - Bring Me The Horizon12561
Livin’ On A Prayer - Bon Jovi15100
Summer Song - Joe Satriani12039
Soothsayer - Buckethead30602
Welcome To The Jungle - Guns N' Roses7836
Snow (Hey Oh) - Red Hot Chili Peppers15527
Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin28431
Bring Me To Life - Evanescence24674
Three Hammers - DragonForce30732
Through The Fire And Flames - DragonForce16431
Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses17688
Back In Black - AC/DC15713
Breakthrough - MindFlow5259


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